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Drying plants


Thanks to its experience as dry kilns manufacturer, Verma Industria offers its clients technologically advanced lumber drying systems. Our plant has a prefab structure in stainless steel AISI 304. The walls are made up of embossed aluminium coated panels with foamed polyurethane or rock wool in sandwich.
In case the client had already a prefab structure or a masonry chamber, VERMA INDUSTRIA will provide for the technology required for the plant.

wood drying systems

The drying kilns door system is made up of wings with a strong aluminium framework and a covering with insulating panelling as for the chamber and, on request, the doors can be folding or travelling carriage. The wings are edged with a special neoprene gasket in order to assure a perfect thermal seal. An upper supporting carriage with sliding track is provided.

  lumber drying kilns